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1. Natural remedies
If you want to avoid expensive drugs or uncomfortable mechanical devise then natural remedies will be the first thing you should try. In conjunction with addressing some of the possible underlying psychological elements contributing to you erectile dysfunction natural remedies can be very effective. For example most men don’t know that certain simple foods are very effective at opening up those all important ‘below the belt’ arteries or that some herbs can have significant results in improving your erections. Sure there are no “magic cures” but you might be amazed by  the results that the right combination of natural remedies that don’t require a major complicated lifestyle change can achieve.

2. Mechanical Devices

There are a number of mechanical devices that are produced with the intention of improving erectile performance, although their success rates are extremely variable. The range of devices includes external applied splints, constriction bands and vacuum constriction devices. Whilst internal treatments include therapies like needle-injection therapy, self-administered intraurethral therapy (muse) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

3. Medications
There are a number of different medications that can be used to treat ED. These drugs are know collectively as phosphodiesterase inhibitors and they work by magnifying the effects of nitric oxide in the penis. Basically nitric oxide relaxes your muscles which allows for greater blood flow and this is what ultimately leads to an erection when sexual stimulation takes place. Some of the more well know drugs include sildenafil (viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and vardenafil (Levitra). Given that these are quite powerful drugs it is vital that anyone contemplating taking them seeks professional medical guidance before proceeding.

4. Surgery
In some extreme cases a person my resort to surgery to address the problem. Clearly this is an extreme not to mention expensive measure and is usually only taken as a last resort. The most regular operations include vascular surgery, penile implants and arterial surgery.


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So, you can choose either natural or synthetic drugs in order to improve your sex life. It’s your turn to make a conclusion.
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Now even though I was very happy with herbal supplements I didn’t want to rely on them for the rest of my life so I knew that I had to address any mental blocks that were holding me back.

I didn’t want to go and see an expensive sex therapist but thought that I could probably do with a bit of mental ‘rewiring’ after all I had discovered erectile dysfunction in young men is usually a result of a psychological issues.

After a while I stumbled upon Mike Miller’s program that harnesses the power of Guided Imagery and altered Brain Wave to specifically tackle the mental side of impotence!

As Mike says “if you were able to get an erection alone or before sex but lose it when it comes to the crunch” then you are suffering from sexual anxiety.

This was a revelation to me. Using recent advances in neuroscience he has created a radical and effective Mental Impotence Healer program that obliterates Sexual Anxiety.

It’s a simple audio program (MP3) that uses binaural beats and subliminal messages to reprogram your  subconscious mind to a radically altered state of heightened sexual awareness and desire!

The best thing about this particular way of beating erectile dysfunction is that it is a long term cure rather than just the short term “fix” provided by pills.

This thing is amazing!

And what’s more when you have completed the course you will be in the great position of having increased your self confidence and self esteem which becomes a positive feedback loophole – the more confident you get the better your sex life becomes. It’s quite a simple formula.

After around 3 months the combination of herbal supplements and Mike’s audio program was enough to get reverse my erectile dysfunction.

My erections were actually stronger than before, and I had even more stamina and my confidence was higher than ever since I learned that I was in control of my erection.

Whatever age you are I hope that the information on this site helps you realize that all is not lost and that you can solve erectile dysfunction without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.

To your very best health.